How Can Your Shoes Affect your HealthAs We All know shoes are important component of our formal or informal dressing but do you know it also have significant impact on your body and mind. Yeah! properly design or uncomfortable foot gears can create huge mental or physical disturbance. Feet are consists of 60 joints, 200 muscles tendons and ligaments and 8000 nerves found in your feet. 8000 to 10,000 steps every person takes per day. 115000 the number of miles the average person walks during his life these facts and finds shows how much we need to care our feet as our whole body movements depends on them

Shoes are significant part of our dress and dress is called to be mirror of Personality. Regard less of fashion sense shoes are equally important for your health too. A relax and comfortable shoes create happy going person while if painful not fitted properly or small size shoes makes you panic all the time then you never able to enjoy your moments even for a second.

Yes there is plenty of footware type which shows that your physical health and mental health might be affected just because you did not choose proper foot wear for you.

High Heels

How Can Your Shoes Affect your HealthContinue wearing of heels can leads towards serious destruction to your body structure. It could destroy shape of feet and changes into inappropriate manner. Extreme panic feeling in whole leg and can further move into all body parts. As some of study said “walking into high heels increases risk osteoarthritis by as much five times”

Flip flops

How Can Your Shoes Affect your HealthOur knees and hips are captivate to absorb forces which able us to move smoothly but when we begin to take more pressure than their maximum limit then your knees and hips face problem to adjust this due to huge supply of continuous pressure on it. That type footware brings fatigue in your muscles and shoulder, may diminish your stride.” Expert from foot sensations states that compromising in forefoot may lead you towards permanent swelling and ache 10 times more than others”


How Can Your Shoes Affect your HealthIf you want to select flats to wear think twice or thrice before you purchase or put on because shoes with lack of support can create tendons in bottom side of your foot can be overstretched.

So before you select your favorite fashion design of your shoes you must think about it convenience in order to protect your feet health. Bundles of short term problems which can persuade to long term if you don’t care of them.

We all suffer from some feet related troubles due lack of care, knowledge and importance during picking up shoes. So large number of short term and long term troubles we face due to this.

These are hard dead skin found on the surface of bony high point like joint. It becomes because of prolonged pressure on specific area. Cons are formed usually by ill fitted foot ware. Nail problems and Athlete’s foot are some deceases which people having with. But careless attitude towards your shoes selection can long term troubles included joint pain, back pain and collapse arches which shorten your movement and leads towards paralyzed conditions.